About Us

This is the main site of Plasma Simulation Lab at Institude of Physics, Chinese Acadamy of Science. We mainly focus on the development and application of Gyrokinetic codes. These codes are used in fusion reactor research.

The lab owns 2 clusters. The smaller one located in University of Science and Technology of China, with 32*16 AMD Opteron cores and Infiniband DDR interconnection. The lager one is in Institude of Physics, CAS. It's equipped with 64*16 cores and Infiniband QDR interconnection. Two clusters have various suits of SDKs installed in order to match the environment of mainstream supercomputers around the world.

Because of massive computer resources the code required, the application run of codes now is mainly on TH-1A MPP, the top supercomputer in China. Clusters our lab owned is used for development propose.